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"Mama-Mama-Mama," Tommy babbled happily as Connie walked up the stairs of One Police Plaza with him.

"Tommy-Tommy-Tommy," she replied with a small smirk and the baby giggled.
"Dada?" Tommy asked.
"Dada's at work, and Mama has to go back to work," Connie said, "And after we pick up some of Mama's work right now, you are going to visit Grandpa and Grandma."
"'apa!" Tommy said, only understanding the words 'Grandpa and Grandma' from the sentence that his mother had said.
"That's right." Connie shifted him on her hip as she headed into 1PP, showing her District Attorney's badge to the security guard and taking them through the metal detector.

Once they were inside, Connie took them to the elevator bank and pressed "9" - the level that Internal Affairs was located on. Not the most fun place in the world, but it had to be done. They got on the elevator and not long after, got off on the ninth floor.

"Sorry to take you to such a depressing place on your first trip to 1PP, kiddo," she told Tommy as they walked to the bullpen.

"Peepee," Tommy mimicked.
"...yes. 1PP." Connie snorted.
She looked around for the detective who had the files she was supposed to be picking up, wondering where he could be...

like father, like son...

Tommy said his first word. We were watching the baseball game (shocking, I know) and he pointed at the screen and said "ball." Michael couldn't have been happier than if he'd actually said "Dada." I think he thinks he won...something. It was cute, anyway.

Official DA's office policy?

I just heard Jack tell someone to "nut up or shut up."

That...sums up the DA's Office so much sometimes...

OOC: Yes, I just did a post solely because I saw this and it reminded me of McCoy and/or Cutter.

back to work...

Coming back to work after being gone so long was weird at first, but it's the DA's office -- before I could think on it too long, I was being handed a buttload of cases to deal with. Seriously, I was a bit worried that I wouldn't be able to handle being away from Tommy, but the separation anxiety lasted all of an hour -- then there wasn't really time to think about it.

Tommy, meanwhile, is staying with my mom during the day for now. She's liking that a LOT. He definitely gets spoiled over there. Not that spoiling a 5-month old is hard to do - it's not like he does a whole lot himself, other than eat and sleep.

...and he does eat. A lot. He's kind of a bit of a butterball...which of course, has prompted Rob to regularly ask (with great incredulity) if we feed him sticks of butter. We do not. Thank you.

Anyway, I'm dying to catch up with people, so if anyone wants to do lunch or something, let me know.

free time!

Tommy's going to stay with Michael's parents for a couple nights this week, leading up to Thanksgiving, when we'll pick him up when we go out there. Not sure how I feel about this, but we both need to get used to it since I'll be going back to work after Christmas.

I know people are probably busy this week, but if anyone wants to do lunch on Tuesday or Wednesday, let me know. I'd love to see people and I'm dying to catch up on work gossip, to be honest.

it's already fall? wow...

Tommy turned two months old yesterday.

...I don't like this whole babies-getting-bigger-so-fast thing.

He's pretty laid back, except when he's fussing over food. He smiles a lot, except when he's around Rob, which amuses Michael to no end. We've started to call his pouty face the "Uncle Rob face." He he he.

Back to the fussing over food -- I'm not going to lie - Tommy's a bit of a round baby -- I think I'm going to go with one of those baby pumpkin costumes for Halloween. Michael thinks because I'm not working, I wouldn't want to go to the Halloween party -- I told him he was crazy. I get to see everyone in one place AND in ridiculous costumes? Of course we're going.


My maternity leave will be up soon. Six weeks really isn't all that much time. After a lot of discussion with Michael, as well as some negotiations with the DA's Office (...that is, with Jack) I've made a pretty big decision.

I'm taking a leave of absence from work, through the end of the year. I'm excited, but a bit nervous, too.

A question for Jack... || RP moment

August 30, 2010

"Knock, knock," Connie called out as she walked into Jack McCoy's office. She carried Tommy in his carseat and in the other hand, she had a bag of takeout. Tommy, nearly a month old, was awake, taking in his surroundings as his mother walked them inside the office.

"Thank God," Michael looked over from the desk, where he and Jack were amidst a pile of papers. "I'm starved." He got up and started toward her.

"Gee, Jack," Connie couldn't help smirking, "I leave and you stop letting people take lunch breaks?"

Jack glanced up, glasses sliding down his nose. "I lost track of time. It's not my fault he doesn't say something about it."

Connie shook her head. "You two are helpless."

Michael was at her side then, but instead of going for the food, he took the carseat, setting it on the couch, then lifting Tommy out of it. Tommy waved his hand and babbled a bit, pleased to see his father.

"Hey, Tommy," Michael smiled, holding his son close.

Meanwhile, Connie moved over to Jack's desk, where she put down the food. "It's just Chinese, but I did get the usual for both of you," she said, setting it out.

"Thank you," Jack said, and then looked past her at Michael and Tommy. He seemed to get lost in thought for a moment. Connie followed his gaze, knowing that Jack was probably thinking of his daughter.

"So how are things around here?" Connie asked after a bit.
"What, he doesn't keep you up-to-date?" Jack asked, motioning to Michael.
She laughed. "He does. I meant with you."
"No one's trying to hang me out to dry at the moment," Jack said, reaching for his food. "But it's only Monday. Other than that, it's business as usual."

Michael grabbed a carton of takeout and attempted to hold Tommy while also eating with chopsticks. It worked until Tommy batted at a chopstick and noodles spilled down Michael's shirt.

"...oh, good," he looked down at his shirt, and then at his son, who was giving him a gassy smile.

Connie couldn’t help snickering a bit, and she noticed that Jack’s eyes were filled with amusement as well.

“At least I don’t have court this afternoon,” Michael said.
“As if you don’t have half a dozen spare shirts in your office,” Connie pointed out.
Jack smiled at Tommy, who was now drooling on Michael’s tie. “He’s getting big.”
“He’s already going to be a month old,” Connie nodded, starting in on her own food.

They talked about Tommy awhile longer. The conversation turned to sports, then to a case that Michael was trying and then back to Tommy again. As they finished their food, Connie glanced over at Michael. He nodded at her as he continued to hold Tommy.

Jack caught the exchange and raised his brows, not hiding his curiosity. Before he could ask anything, though, Connie began to talk.

“We’re going to have his christening in a couple of more months or so,” she said.

Neither she nor Michael was overly religious by any means, but it was a cultural practice more than anything, and the part having to do with godparents was important to Connie. Michael shifted Tommy in his arms as he listened, already knowing what Connie was going to say.

“We’ve asked my sister Cori to be his godmother.” She paused and couldn’t help glance back at Michael again, this time with a slightly nervous smile. Connie looked back at Jack a second later. “We wanted to ask you to be Tommy’s godfather.”

“You—what?” Jack hadn’t been expecting that at all. “Isn’t the godfather supposed to be family?” He looked at Michael. “Shouldn’t you ask one of your brothers or something?”

Michael gave him a look. “You’ve met my brothers. Do you really think that’d be a wise idea?”

“Good point,” Jack agreed, “But still…are you sure? I’m not exactly a spring chicken.”
Connie laughed a little. “Age has nothing to do with it, and…you’re like our family, too. Certainly more responsible than most of our family.” She smirked.

Michael spoke up. “We were the first ones to sign your petition to run for D.A. We have a lot of respect for you…” He seemed a bit embarrassed, then murmured, “…though my occasional shouting matches may sometimes make that less-than-obvious…”

“You’ve taught us both a lot,” Connie added, still smiling. “And if you’re really worried about your age…everyone knows you’re obviously going to live forever because the D.A.’s office would be lost without you…”

“All right, all right,” Jack managed to look a bit disgruntled in an Adam Schiff sort of way, even though he was touched by their words. “Enough with the flattery. I’ll do it.” He got up and held out his hands for Tommy. Michael passed the infant to him.

Jack looked at Tommy, speaking to him directly. “I can’t promise I’ll be the best influence, but your parents ought to know better than to expect that.”

Tommy gave another gassy smile, prompting Connie to say, “I think he approves.”

Vistors || RP thread for Alex & Ellie

Connie turned the coffeemaker on, then took the cookies out of the oven. Just a regular Sally Homemaker, she thought to herself with a smirk. She wasn't, really, though she wouldn't deny that she loved staying home with the baby so far. Of course it had only been two weeks. Connie didn't know how it would feel a couple of months down the line when it was time to go back to work (or decide if she wanted to stay home longer than her allotted maternity leave). She and Michael had agreed to cross that bridge when they came to it.

Alex and Ellie were due to come over at any time and so of course it was then that Tommy started to cry. Connie slid the cookies onto the cooling rack. "I'm coming," she said - not that it did much to relieve the baby. He continued to cry from the bassinet in the living room. A moment later, she was in the living room, picking him up. "Hey," she said softly, "It's okay. I'm here. Momma's here." Tommy continued to fuss. Connie checked his diaper and offered him his bottle, but he still cried. It was unusual for him, and she hoped he wasn't getting sick. Normally, a bottle or changed diaper was all it took...Or a lullaby from Michael (which was adorable. Except when he wasn't there to do it). She tried singing to him a bit and Tommy looked at her with what she was sure was contempt. "Okay...your dad does it better," she sighed. "...don't make that face at me."

The infant screwed up his face even more and wailed louder. Connie rocked him and looked warily toward the door. He'd been so good the other times they'd had visitors. She knew Alex of all people would see nothing wrong with a fussy baby, but suddenly, Connie began to question her mothering skills.
Backdated for Monday, August 2nd

In case you didn't see the ambulance leaving Hogan Place (or hear about it) - Thomas Alexander Cutter was born today at 6:45 PM.

We'll be home tomorrow afternoon. More later. It's been kind of a busy evening.


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